Congratulations on your engagement!

If you are after a Wedding Celebrant that:

  • creates personal ceremonies that reflect who you are as a couple
  • is highly professional yet down-to-earth
  • makes ceremony planning easy and stress free

Then you have come to the right place!


Let’s celebrate the birth of your precious one.

Rituals are a lovely way to signify the importance of the occasion.

  • lighting of candles
  • sprinkling of rose petals, magic dust or water
  • time capsule
  • tree planting

Godparents, guardians or mentors are often appointed as part of the ceremony, and each will receive a certificate of appointment.


  • Celebrate with a public affirmation of your commitment to one another and take part in a Commitment Ceremony.
  • Renewing your vows after 5 years or 50 is a wonderful way to celebrate a life of love.

Ritual and Ceremony are important in our lives.

Celebrate the special moments in your life with a tailor made ceremony and ritual to signify the importance of the occasion.

Krista is a supporter of Marriage Equality.